2002 Time Traveler

Separate Continuity!

This article or section covers a subject that is part of the 2002 Film Continuity and should not be considered part of the Novel Continuity or any other.

This article details the timeline from the 2002 film, "The Time Machine and any published spin-off fiction taking place in continuity with the film.

Note: This article specifically refers to the fictional history, or timeline, that takes place within the continuity of the film and its spin-off media. For the continuity itself, see 2002 Film Continuity.


  • 1899 - Alexander Hartdegen begins work on a Time Machine in order to go back in time to save his dead fiance. He completes it, but discovers he can't change that event. He thus leaves for the future.
  • 1903 - Alexander completes the machine and sets off on his journey
  • 2030 - Humanity has been mining from the moon for decades. Vox serves as a repository for all human knowledge.
  • 2037 - The Great Lunar Cataclysm occurs, devastating the Earth.
  • 802,701 - Morlocks and Eloi have evolved out of humanity. Alexander arrives from the past and defeats the Morlocks.
  • 635,427,810 - The Morlocks have completely conquered the Earth, enslaving and/or consuming all Eloi (This future is non-existent due to Alexander Hartdegen's blowing up the machine to change the future, however this remains the part of original timeline)