2002 Time Traveler

Separate Continuity!

This article or section covers a subject that is part of the 2002 Film Continuity and should not be considered part of the Novel Continuity or any other.

2002 Time Traveler

Alexander Hartdegen, also known as The Time Traveler, as he appears in the 2002 film.

This page details the version of The Time Traveler as he's known in the continuity of The Time Machine (2002 Film). For info on the character in general, see The Time Traveler.

Alexander Hartdegen (born 1865) was a scientist and inventor, who created The Time Machine in the late nineteenth century. Motivated by the untimely death of his fiance, he was determined to travel back through time and rescue her. His plan failed when he discovered he couldn't undo the Time Machine's reason for existing in the first place, and he instead traveled into the future to encounter the Eloi and the Morlocks. ("The Time Machine")

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