This article details cameo appearances of elements of the Time Machine universe in other unrelated media.

The SimpsonsEdit

In one episode of this long-running cartoon series, a camera pans under the surface of the earth, revealing C.H.U.D.S., as well as Morlocks.

Star TrekEdit

In the Star Trek - Department of Temporal Investigations novel, "Watching the Clock", The Time Machine appears in a warehouse of time travel devices, along with The Doctor's TARDIS (from Doctor Who).

In advertisingEdit

Millenium times

The prototype Time Machine!

In an ad for the company 'Corporate Adrenalin', The Time Machine if featured along with The Time Traveler. However, it seems that in the continuity of this ad, Corporate Adrenalin has invented the machine, rather than a private inventor. The artwork was done by George Cairns. ("Corporate Adrenaline ad")

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