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Doctor Who is a long-running British science fiction TV series. Its premise is similar to that of The Time Machine: A brilliant scientist (simply named 'The Doctor') travels time and space on his TARDIS (a somewhat similar device to The Time Machine).

On occasion, elements of the Time Machine universe have appeared in the Doctor Who universe.

Timelash Edit

In the serial "Timelash", The Doctor visits planet Karfel which is ruled by an evil dictator known as The Borad. In the underground regions of the city are a reptillian species called Morlox. Additionally, a woman from Karfel named Vina travels back through time to Earth, where she meets H.G. Wells. Wells proceeds to accompany The Doctor back to Karfel, where he encounters the Morlox. This adventure is likely his inspiration to write The Time Machine (Novel). The evil Borad is revealed to be half-Morlox himself, and plots to transform the Doctor's companion Peri into a Morlox herself, so that she could be a mate to him.

The Eternal Present Edit

The Time Traveler himself appears in this Doctor Who comic and teams up with The Doctor!

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