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The Chronic Argonauts
Chronic Argonauts

The cover to the ebook version.

Full Title The Chronic Argonauts
Author H.G. Wells
Time Traveler Moses Nebogipfel
Companion(s) Reverend Elijah Ulysses Cook

The Chronic Argonauts is a short story by H.G. Wells. It is the first Time Machine-related story, as the novel The Time Machine is based on this original short story.


Dr. Nebogipfel moves into an abandoned farmhouse outside the town of Llydwdd, leading to immediate speculation. As the scientist is introverted and antisocial, the townsfolk's curiosity turns to fear and they soon consider storming the farmhouse to expunge the scientist. Reverend Cook, the town pastor, goes to talk to the strange doctor to prevent a catastrophe. There, he discovers that Nebogipfel is building a time machine!





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