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The Time Machine is the title of the 2002 version of The Time Machine. The previous theatrically released film was The Time Machine (1960 Film).


A scientist named Alexander Hartdegen is determined to invent a Time Machine to restore his murdered fiance to life. The machine worked, but he soon learned he couldn't change fixed events in the past that led to the creation of the machine. Instead, he traveled to the far future, encountering a tribe of Eloi living in the future canyon made by the Hudson River.

Differences from the Book and the 1960s FilmEdit

  • The Time Traveler, in the book and in the 60's film, never had a wife. His motivation to build the machine was simply scientific curiosity.
  • The Eloi in this film are not childlike creatures, but instead a very intelligent and capable tribe of people. Like the original book, they don't speak English, with a few exceptions.
  • The Morlocks are much more powerful than their previous incarnations. They're also bred into three "castes", including the Uber-Morlock, Hunter Morlocks, and Spy Morlocks.


Hartdegen ruins
Guy Pearce
as Prof. Alexander Hartdegen
Samantha Mamba
as Mara
David Filby
Mark Addy
as David Filby
Uber Morlock
Jeremy Irons
as the Uber-Morlock
Phyllida Law
as Mrs. Watchett
Vox 114


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