Time Travelers House

The Time Traveler's House, as seen on the cover of The Space Machine.

The Time Traveler's House was a house located on Richmond Hill in England, belonging to The Time Traveler. It was the site of his laboratory, in which he created The Time Machine. ("The Time Machine: An Invention")

The house was also the home of Amelia Fitzgibbon. Mrs Watchett was also a resident, being in The Time Traveler's employ. ("The Space Machine")

In 1903, during the Martian invasion of Earth, Amelia was almost killed in a Martian attack. After that incident, she, Edward Turnbull, and H.G. Wells used the house as their base of operations, where they built The Space Machine out of Plattnerite and other materials from The Time Traveler's workshop, and used it against the Martian Tripod Fighting-Machines. ("The Space Machine")

In the late 1910s, an abandoned English inventor's house was occupied by a group of French soldiers during World War I. Inside the house, they discovered a Time Machine, which was somewhat more advanced than the one The Time Traveler used. Nonetheless, the soldiers, having read Wells' account of The Time Traveler's tale, assumed this to be the same house. ("Timeslip Troopers")

By the 22nd Century, the house had been replaced with a building, with the Truth Room being located exactly where the Time Traveler's lounge was. ("The Time Machine - Great Illustrated Classics edition")

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