Timeline A refers to the "original" timeline, before it was altered by multiple time-traveling excursions. This timeline begins with The Time Traveler creating The Time Machine, and inviting his friends to dinner, but he never returns. Later in this timeline, Grahm becomes the leader of the world in the year 2100, and meets the underground workers who would later evolve into Morlocks; and finally, by the year 802,701, the world of Mor had taken shape.

Timeline A DetailEdit

  • 2100 - Graham wakes up after a centuries-long sleep, and inherits the world. He finds a utopian world aboveground and a degrading form of Humanity below. ("When The Sleeper Wakes")
  • 2190s - The Time Traveler arrives to find a strict society ruled by a science council of four that has outlawed Time Travel. ("The Time Machine")
  • 30,000,000 - By this time, the Morlocks and Eloi had developed into vastly different creatures. The artrhopods are beging to enlarging , like the gigantic centipede-like creature .("The Grey Man")
  • 1000,000,000,000 - By this time, the Crab Monsters and The Butterfly Creatures evolved, the Earth has to stoped of rotate.
  • 1030,000,000,000 - By this time the Earth is dying, apparently The Thing is the last animal  species of the planet, and one of the last life forms, along some plants.("The Time Machine")

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